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(Updated: July 02, 2021)
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This was great. I really loved this edit. The original Age of Ultron had always been a bit of a blemish on the MCU for me. The original version just seemed to be in love with its own dialogue, and Ultron just talked and talked and talked. A villain isn't threatening when they're constantly rambling on. But this edit fixes all of that. It has a great balance between the actual comedy that works and keeping the pacing going. I was surprised towards the end of the film, SPOILERS, when Pietro gets killed, that I actually felt really bad. When I saw the original cut, I didn't care by that point. But this one I actually cared. I also felt like I understood Ultron's motivation, which is something I didn't really understand in the original version. He felt like an actual character this time. Not a caricature.

This was a great edit. It fixes all the issues I had with the film, and made me really appreciate it. Which is what a great fanedit does, it helps you see a great movie underneath. Much appreciated, keep up the good work.

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