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So this review is long over due. My sincerest apologies to the creator as to life things just got in the way, and I intend on fixing that. Without further ado here is my review:

In an age where Joss Whedon's legacy is swept under the rug, so to speak. It pains me to see his fall from grace because, my parents had shown me Firefly and became a fan of his ever since. Buffy took a long time for me to appreciate, but now it is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows of all time. Fast forward to 2011-ish, where I read the news that he is to direct The Avengers. I couldn't have been more excited. I don't think I need to describe how much of a phenomenon that movie was to me and the general public.

So Age of Ultron comes out when I was 15 and loved it as a kid. Years later, I am pointed out some corny humor (even by Whedon standards) and even some "problematic" jokes. Some were right to be pointed out and some weren't. When Joss Whedon is at his best, he knows how to perfectly weave drama and humor. I would be lying, however, if I said that the humor overstayed it's welcome in this entry. I would still argue for what it does right it does very very well. It is definitely an underrated entry in The Infinity Saga line of movies (from Iron Man to Far From Home). All I can really say beyond this is, "Thank you" to the creator. The edit is now my go to when revisiting The Infinity Saga line of movies. All of the bad quips and moments are gone, the dramatic beats are stronger and the movie is now made better. Thank you Kikanator96. If I was an agent, I would hire you to edit modern Marvel movies. Lord knows that they need it.

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