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Kikanator really got the job done with this edit. I am no expert, but the visual and audio editing appeared flawless. I think this is probably the best overall to-the-point tightened edit of this movie. More specifically, this edit definitely gives us the best version of Ultron. Removing all of his corny dialogue solidifed the character as a proper villain. He is supposed to be a genocidal maniac, and the poor attempts at humor really made me cringe in the theatrical. Was I supposed to take this villain seriously? Great job by the editor here fixing this.

A couple of minor differences I had were that I would have preferred no romance between Bruce and Natasha because it does not every really go anywhere and it was sort of forced. I also would have liked a few extra deleted scenes in addition to the solid ones included. However, the deleted scenes are not essential to the narrative, but I think enhance the enjoyment factor.

The tightening up of the final act is something I also believe was essential. In the theatrical, it felt really dragged out. I still feel that way, but shortening it increases the believeability factor for me. When you have a city floating up into space, you really have to be pressed for time. You cannot keep the action going on forever.

I would like to thank the editor for sharing this edit with me. It was a fun watch. I strongly recommend this edit for those who are looking for a tightened version of this movie with a more serious villain.

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