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(Updated: January 24, 2020)
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The MCU has been apart of my life about as much as something like say Star Wars. My first love for Marvel movies came from the Raimi Spidey trilogy and the fisrt couple of X-Men movies. Then, I remember when the first Iron Man movie came out, and I was just absolutely blown away. The first Avengers movie blew me away just as equally. Then, came a time where I stopped keeping up with the MCU. I went into Infinity War expecting it to be overrated but holy crap was I wrong. Endgame was good but not as good as Infinity War IMO. The payoffs in Endgame left me mostly satisfied enough to end my MCU trek with Far From Home. Now I am done, I later re watched the "Important to Endgame" movies in chronological order then I was done again.

Fast Forward to the present, where I discovered this site and fan edits in general. I stumble upon this one and it had the audacity to claim that it could weave both of the movies into one. It was reminiscent to a conversation I had with a co-worker that equated to, "Infinity War + Endgame = One Movie". I watched it and I was blown away again. It was like watching the movies all over again. Despite the 4 hour run-time, it doesn't feel long at all. It is all flawlessly weaved together with some of the filler/pointless humor cropped out of it. I didn't mind some of them, but I never realized how much faster scenes went without them. Some scenes were way more tense without them. THANK GOD! The she's got help scene is cut out. I love the way the edit does the snap scenes. All scenes together makes the snap as a whole pack a bit more of a punch. I especially love the pager scene before Tony being rescued by Danvers it makes it seem less like "OH! hey guys I'm here."

You deserve an award. Thank you for this. I'm not sure if this will replace both movies, but it's damn near close. MY ONE AND ONLY criticism is that this movie should be called Avengers: Assemble with out the added "d". I just feel like its a better title to tie things together. If I were to edit this myself, that is the only thing I'd change.

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January 24, 2020
Thanks for the great review and kind words about the edit!

About the title - the edit actually was originally called "Avengers: Assemble" (I didn't even replace the custom title card I made in the edit, just copied/rearranged letters to add a "D"). The 'original' title raised a few concerns; sharing the name with both the UK release of the 2012 Avengers, and an animated TV series. I do like this title better, though. As it not only expresses that the Avengers are now 'assembled', but 'assemble' is also a term used in video editing - so it's a little pun as I have 'assembled' the two 'Avengers' movies.

This edit was many months in the making, and the feedback on it has been tremendous! All the reviews, feedback, and interest for the edit truly mean a lot to me. So, again; thank you so much for the review.
1 results - showing 1 - 1