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This is a really good edit of A View To A Kill. Watching it I did feel resigned to the fact that I'll never like the movie, no matter what is cut out - for me it's easily Moore's worst 007 film, it's also the first 007 film that I consider a legitimately bad movie. This edit removed nearly everything I would have chosen to remove and it's clearly far superior to the original version. It flows smoothly, nothing that is cut is missed. But I still have to say that it's not a very good movie. This isn't a knock on Lapis at all, I honestly don't think he could have done much more with what he had.

The editing is pretty much flawless, the only time I noticed the audio is with the removal of the Beach Boys song. I feel like using more of the AVTAK score - which is iconic and by far the best thing about the movie - would have been preferable. Somehow the new music in that section doesn't feel like it belongs. alongside the regular score during that scene.

Beyond that the audio and video editing was superb, and the choices made were equally superb. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to find a version of this movie that they can sit through. Don't expect it to become a great Bond movie, but it is now watchable. It's become my go-to version of the movie.
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