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(Updated: January 13, 2023)
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Heck this amazing extravaganza actually does have the capacity for spoilers and with the basic story of John Wick this is saying some things in itself. I'll just say putting things off actually pays off in ways the orignals were lacking. Goes without saying I suppose. U will catch my drift once U see it!!!

Quibbles on the editing are for abrupt and not entirely smooths transitions. I think it may be withing the realms of a digital studio director's mastery to use audio fades and video elongations to effect my desired improvements. Not to detract from krausfadr's clearly pressaged achievement of concept, it is but an observation from the point of view of idle latency. Yet the fact is a lone gunman (fan editor) must pay the price for their shortcomings in blood (ratings). And the enjoyment factor did suffer from not only imperfect transitions but also some.... disorientation - I feel maybe now one has a grasp on the plotline (restablishing character relationships for a harder-hitting sequence of events) and the thread of Babayka's tale of remorse and revenge can be anticipated on the rewatch, this may well dissipate. Fishing for critique as I am I choose to write this as it stands for me now. Really this only needs some minor adjustments and its SPOT ON!

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