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This was a very cool watch with some minor issues, and you managed to lead right into John Wick 3 perfectly.

Blending Tarasov smoking and Abram drinking with John getting his car back, then making it seem like that phone call was when Tarasov gave up his son (rather than hearing about his son's death) was inspired. It cut out easily an entire hour in one scene, very impressive.

The jump right to D'Antonio visiting John at home was pretty clever, swapping the Russians for "Italians". I might have removed the line about how killing Gianna "can't be done" because he literally just walks in and kills her, and I think Common's character needs that line back about loving Gianna, otherwise he has no motivation.

The assassin fight montage was awesome. You managed to cram a lot into those few minutes. Speaking of which, the two club scenes blending together with Josef and D'Antonio was very well done! You must have been happy he's always wearing the same clothes haha

The main thing that threw me off was we go almost an hour straight where he doesn't think about avenging his dog. I think if you had managed to cut one or two scenes in there, maybe a dream sequence or a phone call, it would have helped keep that narrative thread be more present throughout the film.

Aside from that, the actual editing is fantastic, the vision to blend the two stories is really fantastic, and I had fun watching it!

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