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At first, I panicked a little when playing this in a regular media player as there were notable traces of ghosting...but when viewed in an alternate player (Power Media in my case) these difficulties were invisible, so i would recommend for the better experience to try anything other than media player.

Babylon 5's fifth season got dealt a raw hand...JMS had blown his creative wad tying things for season four when it was thought the show had only that season left to tie everything up. Stories are he lost his notes for season five so a lot of it was stitched together from memory and lack of time, it often shows in the first half of the season, and it is that half that has been edited in this product.

There are minimal cuts, but the intent is clear: to make Byron less of an overbearing prescience, allowing his growing threat to develop in the background and steadily come to the forefront. It's a simplified case of showing, rather than telling in JMS's usual style, that there is something well intentioned but ultimately doomed brewing on Babylon 5. Each of the edits are masterfully disguised, you wouldn't think anything was amiss.

While season five of B5 is not perfect, this edit does what it can to make the worst aspect of this season a little more durable. Whether or not it can supplant the originals in people's eyes must be a case for the books...history will attend to itself

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