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Much like the first of these, there are good and bad elements to this attempt of turning the show into a movie. This one suffers less from the feeling of being two distinct halves (although it is not entirely free from it), but over all it is an enjoyable experience. I do think that removing Katherine's connection to Sinclair was a missed opportunity, with her storyline feeling much less grounded because of it, and I also think that some rearranging could bring more harmony to the two halves, it is still a tremendous effort, and far more than I could ever have hoped to accomplish, even though I had contemplated trying my hand at just such an endeavour. Watching this effort makes me think that perhaps instead of movies, a "prestige TV" format might have better suited the franchise, cutting the 22 episode seasons into 8 or so leaner, more condensed and less fluff filled episodes per season. Not sure, though. I am not an expert. Regardless, for Babylon 5 fans, this is a good way to re-experience the story without the drag, but I do not recommend for those who have never seen the show before, as it has some narrative rough spots that would likely prove disruptive if the viewer was not already familiar.

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