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TV-to-Movie May 13, 2020 1693
(Updated: April 01, 2022)
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This is the first one of these that I actually found to be somewhat disappointing. Leaving out the actual end of the Psi-Corps story amounts to character assassination of Talia. I mean, seriously, why even bother with that storyline at that point, since you effectively ruined it? Everything else went well, I suppose, but I cannot recommend this to someone who is unfamiliar with the story because, at this point, you've changed it. The actual editing is, of course, top notch. No complaints there, and the blending of the stories seems a bit less forced here, although the Sheridan kidnap plot seems a bit odd within the context otherwise. I understand its needed to plant the "seeking Kosh" subplot that was so important to this season over all, it just felt weird.

EDIT: After thinking further on this edit all last night and throughout the day today, I felt the need to come back and edit my review. I think I understand the Talia edit (and the reduction of the Ivannova/Psi-Corps subplot). To avoid spoilers, it changes how things play out in future events, and will reduce/eliminate one of the many dangling plot threads that occurs due to the constant shuffling of characters that the show was plagued with. I still find it sad, but I have missed a lot of the excised plot threads (this has reinforced for me that there are no extraneous episodes, something important happens in each of them, even if its just a moment of characterization. Thanks again for making this!

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