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This edit does exactly what you expect. It combines streamlined versions of part II and part III in a 2h48 mash up. It’s pretty linear and provides you with the experience of watching the two movies in one sitting. By doing so, you obviously lose some. I’d say that part II feels pretty complete. I never missed what was removed and think it even works better that way. I would have been happy with it as a 1h34 version of Part II.

When it comes to Part III though, unlike Marty, I’m left hanging. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate more of the performance from Thomas F. Wilson in the entire series. And his role as Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen is the culmination of his work for the trilogy in my opinion. What’s left of Part III though, is not the Buford plot point. I understand the decisions that had to be taken to make this work, but I feel I’m missing out.

When it comes to Lossy’s edit, it is pretty much 50% Part II and 50% Part III. In my mind they are two very different movies and even if the transition between the two is well done, they feel like two movies stitched together. Giving my two cents here of course. I think I would have preferred Part II to cover the first act of the edit and Part III the second and third. Making a more natural segue over that stitch. How? I don’t know. Maybe that is not even possible…

Although, if I look at this edit with the eyes of someone who doesn’t know about BTTF, it works! It becomes a long movie that goes left and right (or back and forth!), but it works. The intro of Part II and the conclusion of Part III are the parentheses that encapsulate this crazy adventure.

The edits are good, the audio is pretty much untouched I believe, narratively speaking it functions and the project was an interesting experiment. But my enjoyment of the sequels, as you probably guessed it already, is lessened.
Overall it’s a fine edit and I’m glad I’ve seen it once. And that is why I’m recommending it.

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