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This is the second B&R fanedit I've watched since greencapt's "De-Assified" edition, and I must say — ever since I saw the post-credits scene on Zarius' ideas thread, I've been anxious to see this edit materialise.

Now that the time has finally come and I've watched this on Google Drive last week, I can safely say this is a significant improvement over the theatrical cut.

Bruce and Dick's petty squabble over Poison Ivy has been cut from the film, leaving Schumacher's intended narrative to truly shine. The film is now centered over the dynamic duo's trust issues and Mr. Freeze's plans to freeze Gotham City.

Notable changes include the removal of the infamous bat credit-card, Ivy and Bane's origins have been excised, some of Freeze's one-liners have been cut, and most of all, Bruce's dinner date with Julie Madison have been repurposed as a post-credits scene. Very creative!

Now the audio/visual editing isn't perfect (hence barring me from giving this a perfect 10/10 rating), but the story flows much better and my enjoyment is thorough for a revamped version of a film I actually already like on its own.

Highly recommended! Greatly anticipating a BF re-edit from you soon, Zarius!

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