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FanFix February 04, 2019 5365
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This fanfix does about much fixing as is possible for a pretty weak movie. Removing the poor efforts at being camp, which mostly came across as ham acting rather than anything clever, the slapstick, the puns, the bickering, whiny Robin and the endless crotch shots, the film becomes watchable. You end up with an okay film suited for a juvenile audience, once the worst dross stripped away. No longer an agony to watch; nothing spectacular, but by no means awful.

I can't rate my enjoyment higher than I have, but that is not the editor's fault, given what s/he had to work on.

I only have a few quibbles: it would have been nice to lose Robin shouting "Cowabunga!," and the nonsense about Alfred looking for his brother who works for an Indian maharajah who apparently travels on an elephant, although I am sure there were good reasons for keeping both in.

Technically the edit is great, and (bar CGI to remove Batman's silver codpiece in his costume in the third act), I really can't see what could be improved.

Thank you for doing this job.

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