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I would only recommend this movie to those who only grew up with the Joel Schumacher Batman movies or is a fan of Alfred as this movie fanedited or not won't ever compare to the other batman but I would say that Zarius has succeeded in fixing it from being a disasterpiece to an actual decent movie that is very much actually captures the spirit of the Adam West TV series very closely which is a fun batman story with heart that I never thought I would see in the original version. If there is any payoff to this movie is that it does make a great ode to alfred who was played by the same actor ever since the first Tim Burton's Batman so anybody who is a fan of him will also liked this movie too. What made this edit work is because it is the most light-hearted movie, Zarius did the viewers the favor of trimming out any backstory for the villains which isn't really needed to tell a simple story about villains teaming up to defeat Batman and he needs help to stop them with his newly extended family which is really is what this movie is all about. Basically it's a rehash of Batman Forever but with three villains plus a Batgirl but that is only the movie's fault and not Zarius. I especially loved the open-ended post-credits scene that actually made me want a sequel even though I know that it will never happen but nevertheless a very clever edit. Overall for a batman movie it is still not great in terms of story, tone, and acting but as a pilot to a tv show especially as homage to the Adam West batman series it is okay in its own right which what I was hoping for in this movie but nothing more than that.

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