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Just finished watching this and enjoyed it.

Dark Cut is an effort to take out some of the goofier parts of batman Begins and make it a better, tighter movie. JMB succedded in his task. The biggest edits he made were changing katie Holmes voice and the scene with the Tumbler so that Gordon wasn’t driving. Both changes to me, were a success. I enjoyed the more mature voice of the Rachael character in this one and after finishing DC, I popped my BB dvd in to hear what was changed. Now I prefer the voice change in DC to that of the official dvd.

The other big change was taking Gordon out from driving the Tumbler and making it drive itself, which was a success. It gave it a life of its own and made it a more fearsome vehicle.

Aside from the other edits made to tighten up the story and remove the goofier aspects, JMB also inserted a voiceover from the batman Begins video game. To me, I felt it added to the story and didn’t distract me or throw in any useless information to disrupt the scene.

Audio and video were as great as you can find on an avi, perhaps even better. I did find a couple slight video breaks, but nothing major. No hard cuts or jumpy scene changes were found by my eyes either.

The new end credits were good too, though a bit “in your face” as someone previously mentioned.

In all, this is a 9 out of 10 and I anxiously await the dvd edition to put this on my fanedit shelf next to Jorge’s TDK.
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