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September 23, 2008

I have to disagree with most of LaKookaRotya comments. (Admin Note: LaKookaRotya's never officially rated this edit so his comments weren't added.)

I find it extraordinary that there was not one Batman film that entertained. For me personally, the stars of this effort were Throwgncpr’s Mayhem & Mistletoe and the wildly imaginative “Depth Of Darkness” from InfoDroid.

This Consecution was the first of its kind and of course there were going to be problems. FanEditors from all over the world contributed and some first-timers as well, so quality will differ. I am sure that lessons have been learnt, already quality control standards have been increased greatly for the next Consecution project but what ever ones opinion, I simply find it hard to believe that someone who “grew up with the Batman” could find not one redeeming quality in the whole of the Batman Consecution effort.
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