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Just finished this watch and gotta say, this edit saved the movie for me.

I walked out of The Batman at theaters with loads of criticisms. Namely, I felt the flood ending and Batman facing Riddler's social media followers were incredibly lame. I much prefered Penguin's arc and this edit places the car chase at the end, displaying that Batman is just freakin' done with everyone's crime bullshit. At the start he's content investigating and keeping things close to the chest, but at the end we see him take it further into the streets. In my opinion, this ending also fits well with Riddler being mistaken about many things: not only missing the fact Batman is Bruce Wayne but also believing Batman is on his side of vengeance. It sets him up well to trust Joker at the end.

This edit also does many creative things: changing signage to reflect the growing crime, adding "from Annie" on a batman note to address the orphan plot point, etc. These are done SO well. I'm not sure if Krausfadr will do more work on the edit. There is an audio sync issue at the funeral scene when Gordon is speaking to the cops and one of them notices Bruce. I also would hope the creator would consider inserting the Joker deleted scene, right after Batman gets the note about the rat. That scene really sets up Batman's crisis, realizing that everyone he is protecting has actually gone corrupt and they likely deserve their fates. It means more too, when Batman mentions to Gordon he's a "good cop".

Lastly, at the end when Gordon and Batman are busting Penguin. His goons open fire at nothing (since Catwoman is edited out). Would recommend reinserting Catwoman and Batman opening the back. Selene can take money as usual but they get fired upon before they can fully open the other bag with the body (I have seen another edit do this). In this way, Penguin has reason to come out shooting, Catwoman finally gets the money she previously felt she was "owed" (giving her a good ending), and Batman cleanly retreats to his car with Penguin searching.

Overall a fantastic edit, and exactly what I was hoping for going into the film! Great work.

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Owner's reply January 15, 2023

Thanks for the review! And thank you for mentioning the audio sync issue you noticed. I just fixed it in the project timeline and will make a new file so you have a perfect version.

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