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I didn't like the original release; it was long, slow and my wife solved the riddles faster than Batman. This version was still slow but at least it wasn't long; to no fault of the editor. This movie wants to be true crime but wont commit to it, so it has wonky pacing. Overall, I'd say this is a fantastic edit of a bloated film, keeping what people liked and cutting a lot of what was problematic.
- Opening text
- Silence/Cut when talking to alfred in the hospital is jarring
- Gang fight placement (it feels like the movie restarted)
- GCPD escape cut to him and Gordon at the orphanage is jarring
- Batman letting Penguin get in his car and cause several casualties on the freeway (not your fault but I will continue to hate this)

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Owner's reply February 03, 2023

Hey there thanks for the review! I hear the issue in the hospital conversation you mentioned with the sound fading a bit too low. I will fix that issue for sure. I appreciate your attention to detail. As far as the transition to the orphanage, I double checked and since there is no technical problem and I myself am happy with that cut I'll leave that one as is. If I'm mistaken and you caught a technical error there let me know. Thanks again for watching.

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February 16, 2023
Your welcome! Thanks for the edit!
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