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Batman Forever is one of the best Batman movies, a finanical success at the box office, contained definitive performances from Carrey and Kilmer as a more beleivable and conflicted Batman, and Chris O’Donnel as a vengeful, aggresive, wise guy Dick Grayson whom a tormented Bruce must try to fend from straying to the path he has taken.

Batman Forever however, has often found itself more chastised than acclaimed. Fans are still sour over director Joel Schumacher allowing the camp to dominate aspects of this film, the fact that Tommy Lee Jones forsakes much of Two-Face’s duality and potential to play The Joker didnt help much either.

But perhaps the biggest criticicm, was that several scenes intergral to the story, scenes that were seen in the trailers, commercials, and even the comic and novel adaptations, were CUT from the film. This includes everything that has been restored here. Courtesy of the deleted scenes section of the two-disc Batman Forever Special Edition, these scenes have now been restored, complete with intense, beutifully added scores that serve to highlight the significance and darkness of these scenes. Two-Face’s rant is also slightly cut from the opening of the bank vault scene, barring his more subtle performance as the contemplative Harvey at the beggining.

The Bat-Butt transformation is gone, in its place is the gripping opening scene at Arkam Asylum, where Harvey escapes, followed by the now red-titled Batman Forever screen, then the Batmobile racing out of the Batcave. The film REALLY shines however, when you watch the restored scenes with the music undertoning the performances

Once you watch this movie, you will understand Batman Forever on a much deeper level than before, whilst you may still think Carrey’s performance, retained here for the most part, is too camp, or Two-Face remains as less inspired by his source material, it does not take away from a very real, very different Batman story that adds gravitas to the potential of the character in cinema. Tim Burton’s Batman has Batman’s soul, THIS had Batman’s heart.

Special Features:

- A professionally edited trailer that, in comparison to most other fanedits, actually tries to look like a trailer you’d see in a THEATRE

- A small montage of deleted scenes, I’ll spare you the revelation of what happens at its conclusion, as it’s far too funny to spoil.
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