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(Updated: August 27, 2023)
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I love Batman Forever edits that don't try to change the tone to make it "darker", but it seems almost all of them open with the Arkham Asylum-cut to-Wayne Enterprises/Edward Nigma intro, which I'm not a big fan of. I've always preferred the theatrical opening, as you get the opening credits with that awesome Elliott Goldenthal score to hype you up and then you see Batman suiting up to fight Two-Face, which is as effective as a hook now for me as an adult as it was as a kid back in the 90's. It also makes more sense to me narratively to focus on the immediate threat first (Two-Face) and THEN introduce the secondary threat (Nigma/Riddler). Also, including the original opening credit sequence, adding the alternate beginning which creates a break in the credits for several minutes, then resuming the opening credits the way they were in the theatrical is just plain clunky. (Sorry Bobson!)

Despite my gripe about the opening sequence, the rest of the film was a joy to watch. The added deleted scenes enriched the story, the light toning down of the Riddler and Two-Face was just right, and the upgraded picture quality of the theatrical scenes (the quality of the added deleted scenes was understandably of lower quality) delivered a sharper and clearer viewing experience of my childhood favorite.

Another quality edit by Bobson Dugnutt. I definitely recommend it for those looking for the closest thing to the fabled Schumacher Cut.

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