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(Updated: March 26, 2019)
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DigMod masterfully splits one of my favorite animated movies into three episodes of my favorite animated series. What's not to like?

The transition from part I to part II was done perfectly and seamlessly, and while the transition from part II to III was still great, it didn't work as well as the first one. It's still absolutely well done and wouldn't be noticeable if I didn't know mind you, it was just done less perfectly than the first one (due to the source material) so kudos for that!

It has been a couple of years since I watched my DVD however, so I couldn't even tell if anything was cut or trimmed, I just know that the pacing was impecable all throughout all three episodes in an incredibly cohesive and well told story. I did notice that the reveal of who the Phantasm is was kept from the audience until further into part III, which was appreciated.

Congratulations DigMod, I'll keep this with the rest of my DVD rips of The Animated Series, and it's definitely going be my new way of introducing people to this marvelous series. :D

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