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“This is how the movie should have been edited the first time around. Instead of beginning with the Death in the Family segment at the front of the movie, it should have begun with the mob meeting. It allows the mystery of who’s the Red Hood to play out how it originally should have. ”

^^^ As true as that is I always thought the opening scene was wonderful because it set the mood and showed the depth the movie would be willing to go to which was good because I was watching it with people who are very skeptical towards animated movies (got to hate that barrier some people have >.> ). Going to watch this wonderful sounding edit though in a day or two :D


The Only problem I had with it was straight after the “The shots came from a rooftop. A sniper! A good one.” removed bit, it just seems to transition to Batam using his goggle’s a bit to quickly where as before with the Nightwing chatter they were behind cover a little while longer and it makes sense since there is a sniper In the background :P

Other than the above mentioned, the previous review by steelio2006 says it all 10/10
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