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FanFix July 06, 2022 3095
(Updated: February 20, 2024)
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This edit is definitely worth a viewing to fans of The Batman.

-Removed that god-awful Joker scene at the end (This film felt too smart for that - it's a scene that does make more sense and comes across as less of an advertisement if the deleted scene of bats coming to Joker for advice earlier in the film is added).
-Leaner while still keeping all important story beats.
-Decent visual quality.
-Well-done audio and video transition changes that are almost unnoticeable (exception below)

-The music changes felt unnecessary - both to me feel a bit too much like it doesn't quite belong, with the credits being the worst offender. Not saying Seal has bad music - I own some of his songs...but Kiss from a Rose? The original music is outstanding, and I really missed it.
-No 4k version with high quality audio (I know I'm in the minority, but I rip my 4k blu-rays to my pc in full quality regardless of size).
-Ending scene timeline (see below)

The ending feels okay, but jumping from the ending monologue, to them on bikes, to him and Selena talking, back to the ending monologue with him helping people at the helicopter, back to the bikes is a bit too schizophrenic for me. I think the original ending flows a bit better. This could be remedied by removing the scene of he and Selena talking together and moving it to just before they ride bikes together. It interrupts the ending monologue in a pretty noticeable way. Once showing them on the bikes, I think cutting to them standing and talking narratively doesn't make much sense and isn't as poignant or beautiful. They talk, then ride together for awhile until they take separate paths, and IMO showing him helping people with the helicopter should take place before they talk or ride. The timing is also a bit off when showing Penguin - it cuts away from him too soon when Bman is saying "some will seize the chance to grab everything they can" - showing Maria Kyle's grave makes it feel her dead body is going to loot and steal lol. I need to rewatch the original ending now because I can't remember the original flow.

Overall a pretty good edit definitely worth a view. I'd like to see the original music returned and the ending scenes either reorganized or most of the original ending returned so it feels less disjointed. At that point I'd say this edit would be better than the original film. Thank you to the author of the edit for your work here!

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Owner's reply February 23, 2024

Thank you so much for the thorough feedback! I'm sorry that the ending re-cut didn't work for you but I'm glad that you voiced this opinion.

This reminds me. I'll remaster this edit in 4K. I don't think I'll change the ending or music though since it's a personal, editorial choice that I can stand by.

But I'm always very open to technical or low quality presentation in all my edits so I'm willing to accommodate that. Thank you for reminding me!

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