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So, I love the original opening credits of BvS with the funeral and a the Waynes being murdered. Thus, when this edit opened skipping the opening I kinda missed it. Only later, when I saw how the editor used footage from another Batman movie and stitched it together - I thought it worked perfectly and enhanced the narrative.

The video/audio quality is top notch. I didn't notice any quality degradation.
There was only one transition where the audio edit was bad, IMHO - the transition between Lois and Superman on the balcony to Bruce's training montage. It was very abrupt. Also, I believe - the scene is wrongly placed. I think it should have been in the following sequence:
1) Alfred chopping wood, seeing the news.
2) The balcony scene
3) Lex arriving at his facility and from the batarang close-up transition to..
4) Training montage

Another thing I believe could benefit the narrative is not to show Martha being kidnapped - let it be a surprise. Instead, there was an opportunity to show Lois investigating Keefe's apartment, and later getting informed that his chair was made of lead (skipping the part where she suspects Luthor). And from here go right to the part where she is kidnapped.

The little scene trims is what makes this edit so remarkable. We see enough of each scene without it going too far and being too awkward. All the important pieces are there. The flow is nice and tight. This is definitely among the best edits of BvS out there. Be sure to check this out.
Owner's reply February 22, 2021

Thank you for the kind review! I will definitely take a look at your recommendations for a V2 edit!

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