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This edit of the movie is fantastic!
I watched it through from start to finish without having the feeling that even a second was stalled. Everything makes sense in the cuts and the re-editing and it truly deserves the good rating this fanedit got.

I have to admit in the first third of the film everything moves so quick, making me feel that my blood pressure went up a bit, I don't know if this is due to the fast pace of the original theatric cut and just not a lot could be done here to slow it down a bit, or if some for this version "unnecessary" scenes were cut and the rest was put togehter in a way that speeds up the pace that much. So in a way this makes me understand why the original directors of these movies put in some bloated scenes to make the films less "stressful" to watch through all the many happenings that unfold in front of the audience's eyes. I also have to admit to now having to go through the change list after watching it.

This version to me is the superior one compared to the original cut and the go-to-version for this film and I recommend it to everyone who wants to enjoy Batman v Superman.

There were so incredibly many details changed and cuts made, but they all blend together amazingly so that I never felt like watching a fanedit, besides maybe the above mentioned super fast pace of the first third.

Really the only very small thing story-wise that I realized immediately was that there was a cut when Lex Luthor is in the spaceship, hence not showing him cutting his own hand in order to take control of the ship. Later on, on the roof of his building talking to Superman he lifts his hand and refers to blood, having his hand bandaged for apparently no reason. But I don't think that this will really perplex anyone, and much more important is that the scene of Lex in the spaceship was cut heavily, which I loved since I found these scenes and all it's details unnecessary in the theatric version.

What I liked the most from all the changes, was how the end of the fight between S and B was beautifully edited and the entire scene makes much more sense now for both characters.

I can honestly say only the most important scenes for the story to unfold how it should were left in this movie, all changes were done with a lot of passion, love for the movie and time, for which I personally want to thank the editor, which became one of my favorite faneditors of them all after watching this movie, mad respect!

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Owner's reply September 26, 2021

I am beyond honored by this review! Thank you so much!!!

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