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(Updated: March 03, 2022)
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The bad stuff was cut, the good stuff was left in. What more do you want? I have a tendency to be long-winded so I figured I'd keep it short for a change.

....Just kidding. Backstory: I saw Batman V Superman in theatres and honestly I loved it, "mArThA" and all. I went to Walmart at midnight on my birthday the following summer and bought myself the Ultimate Cut on blu-ray and immediately watched it, and it's probably my favorite birthday memory (how sad is that? Lmao) As a result, there were actually some scenes in this edit that I wish had been left in (like the flashback to Pa Kent), but Wakeupkeo cut out the "mArThA" bit in a way that worked, so I don't really feel like I have a right to complain about anything.

This is not a critique, just a personal preference I'd love to see fulfilled: I've never seen any edit move the scene where Lawrence Fishbourne is like "Where's Kent? Where does he go? He clicks his heels and goes back to Kansas I suppose" to come right before the scene where Clark IS back in Kansas. I'm pretty surprised nobody has done it yet, and I'd love to see it!

Anyways, bravo good sir. This will be how I watch this movie from now on, and if you're reading this review, this edit is FAR superior to what Warner Bros. gave us.

Anyone reading this review should ABOSLUTELY check out this edit. It's stellar, I noticed no obvious cuts or trims, other than in the places I knew them to be, because of how well I know the original film.

Hot take before I go: this is the only good movie with Wonder Woman in it.

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