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Well this edit was one I was really looking forward to. I saw Batman v Superman in theaters got disappointed, heard good things about the ultimate cut bought it went from a 6 to a 7.5 at best. Coming off Wakeupkeo Man of Steel edit my expectations were set, and in my opinion has made the definitive version of Batman v Superman.
It really is amazing how a few tweaks can drastically change a movie: the infamous Martha, email, and Bruce's childhood scenes have all been fixed, Batman and Luthor have been significantly improved. The pacing flows more better and was more enjoyable to watch. I noticed the soundtrack was changed for certain scenes making them more tonally appropriate.
The only edit that was just a little jarring to me was when Batman grapple hooks the car and drags it. I know why it was changed that way it just felt random that there was now a damaged car just conveniently placed there for him to use. But I can let it slide I guess Metropolis has a junk car problem.
I am now curious what changes he did to Wonder Woman as I really liked that film high praise from this viewer.

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