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I have to say, after viewing the theatrical cut only twice (I find no reason to watch the ultimate cut) this is quite an improvement!. Right off the bat, I found a much improved film with vibrant colors, faster pacing that gets right down to the nitty gritty and a much more coherent plot. Sure, there are still issues and flaws to be had, but imo most of those are embedded in the script and can't be fixed with even the most drastic of edits. Most of Jesses Eisenburgs awkwardly/quirky moments are thankfully gone (though I will admit he is having the most fun in the whole thing), using the ultimate edition as the source was wise as it does take care of some gaping plot holes, and we finally have a movie that lives up to the title, Batman v Superman, not "shoe horned team gathering/monster movie". Could there have been anything else worth taking care of here? Maybe, and aside from slightly varying PQ time to time, I can't help but easily recommend this edit to those who really didn't like what we got last year.
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