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I know this is not a recent film, I know I have taken quite a while getting around to watch and review this, I'm fully aware it's already won Fan Edit of the month and rightly so -
I have seen BVS far more times than I'd like to remember. There is so much bloat in the film and thankfully Evans has removed the majority of the bloat giving us a very streamlined film that is about Batman vs Superman, nothing more nothing less.

In removing the Doomsday plot we lose the need to introduce many characters who are just there to wink at the camera and say "hey we're here for the sequel" Perhaps Doomsday and Wonder woman can be worked into a smaller short by someone else but I'm completely fine with their lack of appearance here.

There is a small flaw as pointed out, about as to why Superman would just Let Bruce go after the thugs holding Martha without joining but I didn't care, this was the movie I wanted to see with the kind of Batman sequences I wanted to see and I don't particularly care if this doesn't fit in with the fake out 'superman is dead' that the Justice League movie will probably start with, this is the perfect follow up to Man of Steel.

Thank you.

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