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Batman: Year Two (Miniseries) - Fanedit Poster
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I'm not going to nit-pick over miniscule 'how-much-under-10' my ratings are - this work is a straight 10, no quibbles!

I'll fess up and say TheBatman was practically the only film I've been to a cinema to see in AGES - I was really looking forward to it...
[I'm not much of a lover of Super Hero movies - I like real-ish characters, not cgi magicians. Batman is different - he's almost normal!] So I wasn't prepared to be disappointed, but I was really p***ed off with it [might have had something to do with the f***in' clown in the seat behind me who, somehow, managed to make their popcorn last for the entire film - I s**t you not - it drove me NUTS!!] it seemed endlessly morose, visually dark and, at best, mumbly.

DonKamillo I [once again] bow down in gratitude of/to your amazingness - this is a Masterpiece and is now a completely coherent and (re)watchable mini-series - I won't ever feel the need again to watch the 'official' release.
There's nothing to dislike here, hell the length is no longer an issue [I mean WHO, honestly, has 3+ hours to trudge thru anything??
LOVED it - Thanks for your stunning work, Don

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