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Batman: Year Two (Miniseries) - Fanedit Poster
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Before I begin it should be said that I haven't seen the original film in it's entirety.

Since Covid struck, my friend became something of a recluse, so I too stopped going to the cinema. When The Batman came out I heard mostly positive things, one being that Batman was actually a detective in this film, that was enough of a selling point for me it was the one thing I'd wanted in a batman movie. When the film hit home release I rushed to buy a copy and I sat down to watch it aaaaaand that's where it fell apart, for some reason I couldn't sit for that length of time and take in the story. I made it 2 hours in and took a break (that I never resumed on)

In Don's edit I saw the opportunity to give the film a second chance and I must say I'm glad I did. 4 easy to watch episodes that have the classic tv episode structure, if I hadn't watched some of the film to know better, I would have swore it was made with a miniseries in mind. Each 'episode' has a classic TV format structure. All the exposition and following the breadcrumb trail, the big spectacle event per episode, and even the cliffhangers, that ironically, had me wanting to watch the next episode. But I continued to limit myself to one chapter per night. There were a few times I noticed that some scenes felt like they were out of sequence, but I understood this to be a creative decision and it didn't really mar my enjoyment or affect my ability to follow the story.

If you're an idiot like me, who purchases films blindly when you maybe should have rented them. Then give this edit a watch. If you thought the pacing of the original film was unbalanced, then please consider watching this.

Thank you

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