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Batman: Year Two (Miniseries) - Fanedit Poster
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The way you split the movie up into a miniseries works flawlessly for this movie. Each "episode" has a good chunk of drama, character development, and action to stand on its own. It also made the viewing much more accessible, and makes the overlying dark and foreboding tone of the movie easier to handle too. I still ended up finishing it in one day but I was able to get dinner and some errands done in between the episodes lol.

The title cards/opening for each segments were made flawlessly, and really sold me on the episodic format of this edit. Reordering and restructuring of certain scenes helped character introductions tremendously. Batman being the first introduction was such a simple but great change, as it immediately sets the stage for how this iteration of batman will be handled, and helps frame the rest of the world we see around him. Having riddler appear from the darkness in the Mayors room was *chefs kiss*. We have plenty shots which establish his stalking and methodical approach to his victims, so this more abrupt intro really helps immerse us with the rest of the cast trying to solve the case. Finally, the romance between cat lady and batman being tuned down was also a great touch. The title card covering their supposed kiss is another great choice of editing.

A great experience and might even be the definitive way to view this movie. It addresses many of the complaints I had regarding the original film, and makes it much more digestible to introduce to new viewers.

I have a list of relatively nitpicks I wanted to point out below. While my comments on the scenes may be verbose, they did not impact my enjoyment of the series overall.
Book 2:
34:45 - this is an awesome introduction to the new batmobile, but I feel it goes on for a bit long, especially with the ending being a rather anti-climatic scoot by the batmobile. I'm not too well versed on automobiles but I thought that bit of movement was an editing quirk at first. It would be interesting to see penguins goons start scrambling while having the sound and shots of the batmobile preserved to speed up the scene a bit, and to have less of penguin just blankly staring at the car.
36:36 - another car scene sorry. Batman finally catches up to the penguin and.... gently nudges his car. Penguin then shoots batman, they stare at each other, a truck honks at them, they stare at the truck, then penguin swerves off onto the highway. I feel that scene could just be tightened slightly.

Part 3
23:34 - When cat lady put her foot on the guys chest, it was clearly getting ready to kick him off the edge. But then she still slings out another sentence before actually shoving him. Not sure if anything can be done here, just a super minor nitpick.

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