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Batman: Year Two (Miniseries) - Fanedit Poster
FanFix June 04, 2022 4991
(Updated: April 22, 2024)
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A flawless edit that went above and beyond my expectations

I loved this iteration of Batman its the most comic accurate with nods to Scott Snyder a favorite author for Batman, my only real critique with the film was its length it slogs for the final 30 min I always thought that mini series would have been perfect that's when I came across this edit.
Now I initially thought that all that would need to be done was keep everything the same just break it into 45 min segments and problem solved. DonKamillo went much further than that, first trimmed out some scenes not much a few seconds sometimes but really improved the pacing of the scene. A small example would be eliminating the few seconds of the ramp in the bat mobile chase it really helped creating a little tension right before he pops out.
Second the title cards were really well done I loved how they were edited in popping in on certain music cues or sound effects I use this term with praise but they were 'professionally' done like real tv series and of course ending at just the right spot for a cliff hanger making you want to keep watching.
Thirdly and the biggest improvement for me was the scene rearrangements done. I continue to be wowed on these fan edits at how moving a scene early/later, a change of music can drastically improve a scene and story. Especially the changes you don't think of and are surprising like your watching it for the first time. My favorite being where Alfred's wake up scene was moved, I won't spoil where but it was my favorite change in the edit.
DonKamillo has obviously given a lot of thought and time on this project and it is a masterful edit. I consider it a privilege that I was allowed to view it. Highly recommended also the deleted scene was added back in.

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