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Upfront, I did not notice glitches or problems with any technical elements. For some reason the DVD was not smooth in my BluRay, though it was fine in the computer and backup DVD player.

I have viewed the BSG series multiple times. Once I even watched the whole thing in reverse order. The finale I must have watched 4-5 times. Moore's commentary, too.

I very much enjoyed Menbailee's cut. Truth to tell, I did not notice major changes in the narrative up to and during the assault on the Colony. I wanted to see this edit, however, for Menbailee's alternate endings, and these did not disappoint.

Closure points were much better this time, though arguably sadder. Bittersweet. Starbuck's exit was no longer "magic" but simply uncertain. Likewise for other character arcs. The series always embraced dark realism over happy fantasy. The original ending always felt, to me, like Moore had fallen back to his old Star Trek days and had punched the optimistic reset button.

Highly recommended to long time fans, though rookies to the series may be lost.

Life has a melody, a rhythm of notes which become your existence once played in harmony with God's plan.

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