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I haven't watched the finale of BSG since it aired and I recently bought the Blu Ray as quite frankly I've never seen better TV.

I thought that rather than watching the original finale I'd just watch this one and see if it all hung together properly. I didn't mind the original finale, except for Starbuck vanishing and everyone disappearing off to do their own thing, which was kinda depressing. It ending with Baltar and Six....meh.

So this edit is pretty damn good. I only noted at one point where I felt something was a little off and this was the final Lee/Kara scene when Lee turns around.

The opera sequence, I can't recall how that played out in the original, but it certainly works here.

This version feels far more optimistic...and make sure you pay full attention. When Starbuck jumped BSG, I happened to be texting someone and completely missed the line of VERY important dialogue there.

Because there are a lot of flashbacks in this, the ending with Kara made me wonder if she'd gone back or I was seeing a flashback. It prob didn't help that I'd drank some wine and wasn't fully picking up on all the narrative elements.

The extras were pretty good as well. I loved the 'what happened to the fleet?' that made me laugh!

So I'd have no hesitation in recommending this.

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