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I have been a devoted follower of the BSG franchise since the day I bought, on a whim, a vintage 70s annual at a car boot sale. I was fascinated with the notion of a rag-tag fleet going up against ruthless (and cool looking) death machines. I saw the series proper on BBC TWO in the late 90s and was completly roped in. Original BSG took me on a wild ride and helped me cope with a number of depressions I underwent in 1999. When the new series came on in 2004, it also helped me cope with a tough time as I had to get dential work done on my teeth (don't drink gallons of coca cola to cope with college folks), and I enjoyed it all the same, the final season in particular got me through a tough emotional time for me.

So fast forward to now. As of this writing, there are some things that are presently troubling me, a combination of the exact same things that troubled me the last two times, so what better solution for this latest set of blues than to watch what has always helped me cope the best through tough times...BSG. In this case, it's a marraige of the tried and true methods with the up-to-date riveting thrills of what the modern series can accomplish. Blending material from Razor, The Plan, and other things and encircling them around the mini-series, cutting away all of the heavy soul-searching storylines and soapy melodrama to provide a more intense action-oriented peice that enhances the themes of both versions of the series and keeps the spirit of the vintage original alive. The material lends itself well to reinvention and Bob always delivers something original and unique in each of his presentations. A great treat for anyone who wants a tight, well-paced accerlerated space adventure with none of the space opera

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