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"Bedknobs and Broomsticks" is probably my favourite Disney Classic. As a child whenever I went to my Nan's on the odd occasion it would be either this film or Starship Troopers...what do you mean age certification?....ahem, moving on.

I absolutely loved seeing all the extra footage of the Portobello Road dance scenes. I don't know why, but that particular number always makes me smile. The entertainers look as if they are all having a great time. I'm not sure how strict the choreography was, but it looks like the extras and dancers were all having a ball.

As for continuity errors, there is one glaring one, which is not the editors fault - the culprit belongs to Disney. During Mr. Emelius Browne's debut song one of the bystanders hands out his hat where Emelius drops eggs and milk. The next few shots in, the bystander has his hat back on with the milk and egg dripping down his head. I double checked the versions of "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" I own and funnily enough it's even more of a continuity error in those versions. To a viewer from a narrative perspective, it seems odd that the man should even put his hat back on! So, how did it end up back on his head and why wasn't it included in the film? There must be a story behind it somewhere.

And on the subject of narrative, isn't it also funny narrative wise how the children simply trust Emelius after him singing about being a "charlatan" and a "fraud" and then cheerfully whisking them away to an abandoned mansion he's squatting in? Within minutes they are holding hands with him in Portobello Road! Since they are "Sarf Lundan" orphans, you'd think "street wise" would be within their bones....And how come Charlie and Carrie have no recollection of their parents since they must have been a few years old when they died? Anyway! I'll stop before I get carried's a Disney film....and it's probably best not to focus on the subject of "realism" in a film where they all end up at the bottom of the sea where nobody gets wet and Paul is still reading his book in perfect condition! Okay....I'll stop!

Another edit that seems to stand out slightly was during the "Eglantine" number where Emelius is turned into a rabbit. Again, it seems Disney either didn't shoot the linking footage or haven't commercially released it. The editor has done the best with what is given, but it may look slightly ajar to some...I never did like that song.

Overall, the audio and visuals are brilliant. The footage is great. Of course you can tell where the additional footage changes due the colour of the print, but who cares, it's fine by me. The editor has done a great job!


Side note for British viewers 1# - Disney really didn't know the difference between a Welsh and Scottish accent back in 2001 when they re-recorded the voices. In the additional footage, Mrs Hobday's accent randomly changes to Scottish. Did Disney really think the British and American audiences were that stupid when they recorded the new voice? Who knows.

Side note for British viewers 2# - Look out for a very young Bruce Forsyth, the henchman of the strange old bookstore owner with the knife...he wouldn't be the first or last guy to be walking around with a knife in London, would he? At least Disney got that spot on! And for such a family friendly film, they certainly liked weapons; shotguns, rifles, machine guns, swords, knives....I'm pretty sure it still has a U (child friendly) rating so there's no wonder why my old Nan couldn't tell the difference between this and Starship Troopers haha!

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Owner's reply June 03, 2022

I am afraid that the continuity error during "With a Flair" you noticed is actually my fault, a consequence of re-cutting the sequence to the soundtrack version since I wanted to reduce the stop/start nature of the extended cut and considered it the better option, maybe it could be done so Mr Browne putting the hat on is included. The theatrical cut is potentially even worse, Mr Browne performs his nail through glass trick and then we cut to people walking away with one of them covered in milk and eggs, but since Mr Browne doesn't interact with this man you may not notice it so easily.

I think the edit you mentioned where Mr Browne is turned into a rabbit for the second time is native to the extended cut, not sure of any way it could be worked around if one wants to keep the entire Eglantine song.

Disney really did seem to drop the ball with the redubbing on the extended cut restoration, I think it is too much to hope that it will ever be redone better, but I think I would miss the extra scenes if I cut any more away.

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