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Just finished checking this out. Definitely an improvement on the first Resident Evil film.

I remember when i watched the original for the first time, I thought it was definitely a solid take on the material. I hadn’t played the games all that much. (Still haven’t played that much)But I took it for what it was, Paul W. Anderson’s take on the Resident Evil story. It was better than Doom. I prefer it over Mortal Kombat even. It had its ups and downs. (Could be a little cheesy and felt a little long)

This definitely had a quicker pace, which I enjoyed. It got to the point and kept the roller coaster going. Which I have to say was cool. Like others have said, this isn’t that much of a radical transformation. But it shows that it could be polished from an okay film to a good one, imo.

I’d have to rate this an 8.5 for me. Awesome job and keep up the good work.
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