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This is my second review of Wakeupkeo's work, first being The Suicide Squad: Special Edition, which was a big upgrade from the original. Firstly, my brief thoughts on the original Birds of Prey and the blah blah...I didn't even bother with watching it in cinema and oh boy I was so glad for that decision. When I watched it at home I simply couldn't wait for it to be over with (I don't like not watching a film to the end, even bad ones). So let's say my enjoyment factor was a 2. Which means, I didn't had my hopes up for any fanedit, because they can't change the core of the movie, no matter how talented the editor is. But I was still curious how much of an impovement could be achieved, because I'm a big DC fan and I really want to love or simply enjoy as many movies of it as possible.

Technical-wise, it was excellent! Not that I was expecting anything less, having seen the Suicide Squad. I couldn't find a single scene were I noticed or "felt" that something was tampered with. That goes for the audio too and since I'm not a native english speaker and the edit doesn't have subtitles, I had the volume pretty high up so I would have noticed if something was off.

Now, for the important part, the narrative. It was definitely an impovement! It was more streamlined, the over the top silliness in certain scenes was trimmed down, more coherent and overall having the runtime barely touching the 1h30m mark was great! Unfortunately, although I enjoyed it more, it did not save it for me, but I wasn't expecting it to anyway.

This edit is recommended either for any DC fan, like me, who just wants to give it another shot or to anyone who found the movie "ok" and above. If you did, this version will be your go-to for any future DCEU marathons!

Thank you Wakeupkeo and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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