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This is from the perspective from someone who has only seen this version of the film. That being said, understanding that additional work went in to greatly taper down and streamline this film also plays a great role in my appreciation and enjoyment of the content. The edits were extremely clean and did not interfere with my viewing experience, with only 2 or 3 moments were the edits felt noticeable.

I'm pretty neutral about the "opening crawl" present at the beginning of this film, but it did provide some much needed context for the conflict which occurs. Loved the action sequences, and the characterization of the rest of the cast felt appropriate throughout the film. This holds up for the first half to 2/3rds of the movie, before the weirdness of DC starts setting in. Notably with some inconsistent power scaling, heroes just not really using their powers in engaging or meaningful ways, and odd motivations and disagreements between characters.

Overall, the strong start with interesting enough characters and their dynamics made this an enjoyable experience. Definitely worth a watch.

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