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While this is considered one of the epic marvel movies but compared to previous installments of the MCU like Captain America: Civil War unfortunately isn't the most visually impressive nor ambitious story-wise as it always felt like a rip-off to The Lion King(no offense). In fact, the CGI are so animated and even outdated that I don't think removing some of the bad CGI moments wasn't necessary, but it is appreciated though that one long-shot close-up scene when both T'Challa and Erik falling down in the mines was obviously edited and cut half-way was kind of awkward but like I said it is not something that I would miss anyway. The best thing about this fan edit is obviously the added deleted scenes fleshing out T'challa and contrasting his childhood with Erik's was genius and let's not forget his relationship with Martin Freeman's character too. And lastly switching the un scene first and Oakland second made the ending more natural and emotional not sure why they didn't do in the final cut in the first place but yet again this fan edit solves that problems.
This fanedit is another worthy replacement of the original by Lapis Molari and fans of the original will definitely love it.

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