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(Updated: November 11, 2022)
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This edit is nearly flawless. I'll start with the positives!
I really like that the opening scene is extended to show the rest of what happens, T'Chaka killing N'Jobu and leaving young Killmonger all alone, Then, with the inclusion of the deleted scene of young T'Challa at the beginning, it really set the stage for the emotional epic that this movie is. (The dialog of the scene is made doubly more powerful by the tragic loss of Chadwick Boseman).
The deleted scene with Ross at the end, before the UN scene, gives us another great moment with Boseman's T'Challa (though this scene is slightly washed out, could use some color correction), and moving the UN scene from the mid credits to this point, before the final scene in Oakland, is another great improvement. Realistically, Wakanda should reveal itself to the world before landing a UFO in a civilian area, so this change works really well!

The only nitpicks I have are audio related. The credits have a noticeably audio cut from where the mid credits scene was removed, which could be smoother. Similarly, in cutting some bad CGI from the mine fight, there is another noticeable cut in the audio that makes it feel like a jump cut as Killmonger and T'Challa fall into the mines.

Otherwise, it's a great edit and got me super excited for Wakanda Forever, which I just saw earlier today. (Quick review: It's fantastic!)

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