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FanMix December 14, 2022 1385
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Overview - Replicants loose in downtown Los Angeles, near future (anyone who thinks we will be offworld by 2049 is myopic). Anyway, replicants roaming free, who ya gonna call?

Video - 3400 X 1600p AVC. Holy moly, I know where the filesize is here! How much did I pay for my disc at Az? $30.00. This is better looking! Period.

Audio - 640 kbps, 5.1 AC3. 2 tracks, one without narration, both 5.1. I saw this theatrically 3-4 times, and was always comfortable with Decker’s Noirish commentary. Here, Krausfadr has pruned much of it.

Narrative - This is fix and not a mix, so nothing is changed. The ending is somewhat unresolved, and the unicorn abides. Unless you are deeply into Blade Runner, the unicorn is an enigma.

Enjoyment - The video on this is breathtaking. I don’t even have a 4K screen, but even on my plasm it is remarkable. I was truly concerned that Krausfadr might have overly brightened the image, resulting in seeing too much. All sorts of props and sets that Scott hid with shadows and smoke.

I appreciate that Krausfadr kept part of the narration on a separate track. I viewed this several times when it originally screened, and that was the version I was accustomed to. The editor kept narration that explains points, removed narration that restates the obvious. Excellent choices, by the way.

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