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FanFix March 10, 2019 4067
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A great way of rewatching Blade Runner 2049. I think the original film is great but has several weak points that have been largely addressed by this edit. I also thought that Wallace and Joi were good characters, and so this edit interested me, as other cuts tend to target these characters more.

Most of the changes made are subtle but improve on the narrative of the original - through slight cuts to dialogue and re-arranging several scenes and shots. Cutting out reference to the child "leading our armies" was a good call, that was a dumb line. I would've let Rachel say her second line, but it works well like this as well.

The pace also benefits from removing a couple unneeded subplots, and tightening sequences such as the fight between K and Deckard. The regrade looks natural. The editing itself is mostly well done, however I did notice several instances of audio fades and levels changing abruptly (04:01, 1:02:48, 1:55:39, 2:01:19).

All in all, a solid FanFix, which leaves the story largely untouched whilst still managing to remove almost 20 minutes of footage that didn't really need to be in the original.
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