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FanMix March 11, 2023 1401
(Updated: April 09, 2023)
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If you like Blade Runner you will love this edit.

I know I am in the minority about the following, but I myself wasn't a huge fan of 2049, and that is the only reason why I did not make my review scores for Narrative or Enjoyment higher than an 8. This edit makes things more concise and to the point, but doesn't change the story. The underlying story of the film is too pretentious and nihilistic for me. SPOILER: The main character is not the savior as much as he wants to be. He is just a pawn that dies unceremoniously. And when Wallace Jr. talks my eyes roll into the back of my head. The original Blade Runner had some of this nihilism in the world-building, but at it's core the philosophy surrounded a love story, both for Deckard and the antagonist Batty. Deckard found a woman and Batty wanted to live and love the rest of the life he had left. Both were optimistic, rather than nihilistic.

But like I said, if you thought the original 2049 was good or great but could be even greater, this edit makes things more concise and to the point. It keeps all the important imagery and the world of 2049 is indeed beautiful to look at. This is an important edit for 2049 fans. The editing is seamless and the pacing is spot on. The music is blended from scene to scene with seemingly complete ease for a first time editor.

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