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TV-to-Movie July 11, 2023 1879
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Full disclosure, I did help on this edit, but Keo did all the wonderful editing and deserves all the credit. My contribution can be noticed but the dedication Keo had to editing down an entire show seamlessly into this film version is ALL him. And boy did he achieve a great final edit.
Like Keo, I too am a lover of the Blade Runner universe and philosophical questions it sometimes poses. I'm a superfan of the original Black Lotus show, but this edit is now possibly one of my favourite edits EVER with the final musical choice inserted. No joke. S tier to me. I love it whether he went with my small contribution or not! So heck yes I recommend this edit to anyone and everyone even mildly interested in anime or Blade Runner.
I hope people flock to this edit and check it out and also fall in love like I did.
I think Elle's story is great, and the editing Keo has done has only enhanced that for me. The visuals and action, especially the shotgun fight near the end are awesome to watch unfold. The cinematography and colors of the cityscape is enough to draw anyone in I think. But like I said it's Keo's editing that will keep you watching till the end!

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