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I'm a fan of Blade Runner but I do understand people who find it boring. I also love the soundtrack (but music is such a subjective thing so I also understand why some people might not like it).

I liked the majority of the music choices in this edit. Although to I'm not in the same camp as Neglify in that I didn't like some of the ironic music choices (i.e. Roy's fight with Leon) but like I said, music is subjective. Again, I did enjoy the majority of the music choices.

I've watched a couple of fanedits that tried to streamline Blade Runner. I think it's an extremely hard task to do well. This was definitely a valiant and enjoyable effort.

Quality of the movie and the editing itself were very well done. Nice job beezo!

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Owner's reply August 11, 2015

While on one level the ironic musical choices were there to create counterpoint to what is happening on screen, they are also there for thematic purposes - Deckard dances with the Replicants (hence the title). Either way, if it doesn't fit your sensibilities, then that's okay too! :P Thanks for taking the time to watch it and post your review!

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