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So I just finished watching this edit. I knew going in that it was going to be in B&W and more from the replicants point of view but beyond that I didn't know anything about specific changes (I didn't read the cut list).

I love Blade Runner and I won't waste time and space in my review of rangerkris's edit to blab on about my feelings about which version of the movie is my definitive, and who I think Deckard is etc. But the fact that I love this movie made me all the more interested in seeing this fanedit.

This edit takes a pretty interesting narrative approach. I understand the difficulties involves in trying to make a coherent narrative when you're excising so much of the movie. I won't bother nitpicking about personal preferences and what I liked/didn't like but for the most part the narrative worked.

Audio editing was well done, I can be a stickler/whiner/nitpicker/complainer when it comes to audio but I had no problems or complaints with the audio work. Also, props on that smooth bit of audio editing where Roy is talking to Chew and says "where can I find this....father". Very cool.

Visual editing there were a few choices that I would have done differently, nothing super-jarring, and I think what I was noticing was often a result of the restructuring of the story.

A/V Quality: this was a tough one. I really liked the B&W, it worked great for a noir-ish movie like Blade Runner. However the video quality was variable throughout the movie. Certain scenes there was a noticeable drop in quality (i.e. pixellation, as Neglify mentioned in his review). Other scenes ended up looking great. So a bit inconsistent.

Enjoyment: This was a fun, fast-paced edit. Definitely worth a watch if you're tired of watching Blade Runner (whatever your preferred version is) and want to see it in a new way.

Nice work.

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Owner's reply July 03, 2014

Thanks for taking the time to review my edit Gatos! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the kind words :)

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