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the A/V looked and sounded fine to me. that high contrast BW looked great to me, it drew me into the environment even more so than the original's color palette. all the audio sounded fine, no hard cuts or weird fades. replacing the score may have been nice, but i realize how hard that can be at times. plus that's the editor's choice, he wanted to leave it as is, so be it.
the narrative, it all still made sense even with so much cut. Ranger's intention was clearly successful and the only weird story element has been said already, what happened to Rachel. the biggest improvement is dropping that horrible narration.
it's a fantastic edit and Ranger did a top notch job and i'll take this over any of the studio versions, but i still don't like this movie; it's still boring and moves incredibly slow. but that's on me, Ranger didn't say he was trying to make it fast and more exciting, just present the story in a different way, which he completely accomplishes. i seriously put the original film at like 4 or 5. Ranger's version here has boosted that rating for me.
if you're a blade runner fan, this one is worth your time.

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