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August 31, 2010

Count me in the camp that enjoyed the original movie. Yes it was over the top, yes it comes across as dated, but I grew up in the 80s and Total Recall was a fun action ride with an interesting extra level of mystery if you wanted to stop and pay attention.

So, for a fan of the original movie, how does Jorge’s edit stack up? Very well indeed.

While it may not replace my original copy on my shelf, I will definitely re-watch this over the years and show to friends. If you want to show a newcomer what is possible with the art of FanEditing, this is an EXCELLENT example of what can be achieved. It is original, well executed, and highly entertaining.

**Possible Spoilers ahead**
Both Audio and Video are up to the standards that we’ve come to expect from Jorge. His layering of Kuato’s “Open your mind” line throughout the movie blend perfectly and work well at keeping the viewer aware of the greater questions that Quaid is facing. No harsh edits or transitions. Everything flows smoothly.

Overall this was a joy to watch. The ‘memento’ treatment works very well and continuously forces the question of which reality is realThe structure ultimately leaves a few small holes such as not seeing how Quaid and Melina hook back up, or how/why Benni is with them. I assume that cutting the explanations out was the lesser of two evils for Jorge as their inclusion was probably both a problem for pacing as well as not terribly interesting. It is a minor issue and as we are dealing with a broken timeline become even less important.
The only thing that didn’t work for me was the montage of events which if I recall correctly occurs close to or at the shift to ‘normal’ time.It felt somewhat out of place and didn’t add much for me.

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This is a great ride. It’s not superior to the original, but it is great way to watch it with a fresh experience, and for me, that is one of the greatest things a faneditor can accomplish, breathe fresh life into something well known and well-worn.

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